Why the Chrysler Pacifica is a Great Car for Pets

The Chrysler Pacifica may just be the best car for pets

Why the Chrysler Pacifica is a Great Car for Pets

The Chrysler Pacifica has no shortage of family hauling capability- with 145 different industry awards earned over the past five years, it is clear Chrysler knows a thing or two about helping to make family life just a little bit less hectic. When thinking about mini vans we often think of the children riding in them, but what about those children that are a little erm... harry?

Side profile of the Chrysler Pinnacle
The Pacifica and Pinnacle bring great style and practicality

Have no fear, for Chrysler has done the thinking for you. Here are some of the features they feel are best for our furry friends.

1) FamCam Interior Camera

The Pacifica has a neat little feature where an interior camera keeps an eye on the back seats and beams a live view up to the driver- this way you don't have to turn around to make sure little Billy is not taking his sister's fruit snacks. While this feature is great for kids, it also is fantastic for keeping an eye on the dog or cat. Want to make sure they are not scratching up those nice leather seats? Or make sure Fido is not making a mess that even the toughest floormats cannot handle? Well the FamCam has you covered.

2) Stow n' Go

Lets say you have a big dog. No not a golden retriever- I mean BIG... like Clifford the big red dog. Lucky for you the Pacifica and Pinnacle have Stow n' Go seating, meaning the second and third row fold completely flat giving Mr.Mittens the cat plenty of space to run around (when the vehicle is parked, of course).

In addition the stow n' go storage bins make for a great place to throw gross pet toys. Toys, pet food, and more can all be hidden out of sight in the second row floor storage bins.

3) Stow n' Vac

A lot of people lost their mind when Elon Musk said that he would build rocket boosters into the new Tesla Roadster. That's cool and all, but I lost my mind when I found out Chrysler builds vacuums into their cars. If you own a pet you know that pet fur ends up everywhere, and having a vacuum right in the car is extremely convenient. Just be sure to only turn it on when the dog is out of the car- if your dog is anything like mine they see vacuums as enemy #1!

4) Hands-Free sliding door and lift gate

Open door on Chrysler Pacifica

Picture it: you are in the parking lot coming back from the pet store. Your hands are full with pet food and Bubbles the Chihuahua is throwing a fit. You can't reach for your keys, are you stuck here in this moment of what seems to be eternal frustration? Not if you have a Chrysler Pacifica. Kick your foot under the vehicle and boom- the door opens. You put your food in, you put the dog in, and the day is saved. We are living in the future people.

The Chrysler Pacifica and Pinnacle come equipped with all sorts of features that are great for kids or pets- we hope to film a review of one soon, so be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel for that.