Toyota Debuts New Electric SUV Concept

Toyota is unveiling a new electric SUV which will be sold under a new brand moniker.

Toyota Debuts New Electric SUV Concept

Toyota plans to have around 70 electric models by 2025. With a goal like that they have to get to work right away, and Toyota has recently shown us they have been working hard towards that goal. They have unveiled the new bZ4X concept, a new electric SUV concept which is part of the Toyota bZ umbrella of vehicles.

Rear 3/4ths of Toyota bz4x

Toyota is no stranger to alternative fuel sources, their fleet makes up around 40% of alternative power vehicles in the United States. Of the 70 electric vehicles Toyota plans to release by 2025, seven (including an SUV based on this new concept) will be released under the new bZ (beyond zero) moniker.

Front of the bZ4X concept

This bZ4X concept was developed in partnership with Subaru and is built on Toyota's new e-TNGA platform. Being an electric vehicles, designers are not as constrained with design as they may be with a traditional ICE car. This meant designers could push the wheels all the way out to the corners of the vehicle, creating much more interior space.

Toyota bZ4X drivers space

One can see a lot of RAV-4 inspiration and design cues in the bZ4X. The rear 3/4ths in particular look quite familiar. The interior also appears to avoid a radical departure from current Toyota styling- it surely appears Toyota is trying to keep the vehicle familiar and slowly transition buyers into this new electric future.

Toyota bZ4X Steering Wheel and Interior

While we do not know much about the bZ4X yet, Toyota has announced production will begin sometime in 2022 in Japan and China. U.S product details are to be released later.

We will keep you updated on the bZ4X as we learn more. Keep tuned to Gas Guzzlers for updates.