Honda Provides More Info on 2022 Civic

Honda has given us more details about the 2022 Civic Prototype along with an interior sketch.

Honda Provides More Info on 2022 Civic

Honda has given us another look at the all new 11th generation of the Honda Civic. This new 2022 Civic is clearly inspired by the new Accord and carries through the clean, modern aesthetic that has been carried through the Honda lineup. We got a tease of the 2022 Civic prototype back in November, sporting a great orange color.

Civic prototype unveiled back in November

We still have not gotten any look at the 2022 Civic hatchback. However, Honda has confirmed one is coming. The new Civic hatchback will be built in the United States, a first for the Civic hatch.

Honda released an image of the new Civic touring trim and an image of the interior. The new interior brings a crisp and spacious design.

A sketch of the 2022 Civic interior

The new interior is sporting Honda's new infotainment system and an overall upscale design. This is just a sketch, we will see how close this image represents the final product. Expect the higher end Civic Touring trim to toss in some fake wood, and some more visual interest than what is presented in this image.

2022 Honda Civic prototype front end

The new Civic is a vehicle we are very excited for here at Gas Guzzlers- we have filmed videos on the Civic multiple times and praise it for its incredible value and practicality. It seems Honda has nailed it once again, but we will see later this year as the 2022 Honda Civic begins hitting lots. We still do not know much about the 2022 Civic, but we will get the chance to learn more during an upcoming Twitch stream on April 28th at 5:00 PM Pacific time.

We will keep you updated on the 2022 Civic, keep it locked to Gas Guzzlers on YouTube and here on our site to learn more!