GM and LG Investing $2.3 Billion in Ultium Cells Plant

GM and LG are investing $2.3 Billion into a plant to create electric cells for the Ultium platform.

GM and LG Investing $2.3 Billion in Ultium Cells Plant

GM's new Ultium platform is going to require batteries- a lot of batteries. That is why GM has partnered with LG Energy Solutions to invest a whopping 2.3 billion USD into a new plant which will produce cells for GM vehicles. The new plant is to be built in Spring Hill Tennessee and is the second Ultium plant being built in the US.

The 2.8 million square foot facility will create 1,300 new manufacturing jobs and will supply cells to GM's Spring Hill assembly plant. GM has carefully constructed the plant in order to account for future technological advances and these cells will be placed in a wide range of GM produced vehicles.

GM Ultium Infographic

The Ultium platform is unique as it utilizes relatively large pouch like batteries, rather than the many small cylindrical batteries competitors like Tesla use. The Ultium platform supports energy sizes ranging from 50 kWh to an enormous 200 kWh enabling up to 450 miles of range on a single charge. Most of GM's future vehicles will charge on level 2 chargers, with a 400 volt system and up to 200 kW fast charging capability. Trucks built on the Ultium platform will up that to an 800 volt system using 350 kW charging.

This new factory is just a small part of GM's commitment to an electric future- with 30 new all electric models arriving by 2025 across all their North American brands and the construction of Factory ZERO, they have proven that they are serious about electrification.

We will keep you updated on news regarding the Ultium platform- keep an eye out for the new electric Silverado.