Ford Unveils Class Exclusive Bed Scale

Ford has unveiled a suite of features designed to make towing and hauling features including a bed scale and more.

Ford Unveils Class Exclusive Bed Scale

When you lead truck sales, there is a massive target on your back. You must keep moving if you do not want to be passed- and Ford has just made a big move when it comes to the features of their trucks. They have introduced a bed scale, a smart hitch, and active damping all of which will be making their way onto the F-150 this year.

The onboard scale exceeding maximum payload

The new onboard scale feature will display the weight placed in the bed on the trucks infotainment screen. Not only that, the information is also available on an owners phone via the Ford Pass app or even graphics on the trucks taillamps. The truck can also be set into "scale mode" where it zeros out the current weight and can then weigh an additional item placed on the bed.

F-150 scale taillight indicator

Ford also announced a smart tow hitch. This hitch will measure the tongue wait of an attached trailer and assist the owner in distributing trailer weight more evenly. This is a great safety feature and will be a good peace of mind for new towers. The vehicles infotainment screen will provide guidance for making adjustments if necessary. The vehicle will also guide owners through setting up a weight distribution hitch.

In addition, Ford also announced an active damping system. The system collects information through a variety of sensors and then adjusts the vehicle by controlling valves in the shocks. This damping force can be used to prevent unwanted motions such as bounce, pitch, and roll. This results in a smoother ride for the passengers and the behavior of the dampers can be controlled with the drive modes.

Keep an eye out for these features sometime in the summer of 2021. We will be sure to make a video with the new F-150 that has these features.