BMW iX Undergoes Final Winter Testing

BMW is putting the final touches on the upcoming electric BMW iX.

BMW iX Undergoes Final Winter Testing

BMW's new technological flagship is ready to take off! Well... almost ready. BMW is doing some final testing in winter conditions, conditions which are notoriously hard on electric vehicles.

BMW iX Winter Testing

BMW is specifically interested in testing the performance of the suspension system, electric motors, 4 wheel drive system, and charging system. The high-voltage batteries and heat management system in particular will be carefully monitored during this testing near the Artic circle. When it comes to the batteries, BMW is targeting around 600 kilometers of range in their testing, or approximately 370 miles. This range means the iX is one of the only German competitors who can trade punches with the likes of Tesla in terms of range, we will see how it performs in the cold conditions.

BMW iX getting ready to charge

In addition to general powertrain performance, testing in the snow also allows for BMW to see how the vehicle performs in wet and slick conditions. The use of two electric motors allows for the electronic systems to distribute power based on the road conditions. The twin motors in the iX produce about 500 horsepower.

The BMW iX

The BMW iX is the first vehicle built on the new BMW electric architecture so expect to see more BMW vehicles in the future with similar stats to the iX. We will keep you updated as we learn more about the iX and electric BMW's coming down the line.